3D Simulators for Red Seal Certification Programs
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3D Simulators for Red Seal Certification Programs

Construction is a very lucrative business. Here in Canada, the construction business contributes about $90 billion to the economy each year. The Canadian Construction Association predicts that in the next 10 years, their sector will become the 5th largest industry in the global market.

Needless to say, workers who are skilled in construction work are very high in demand here. However, there are certain requirements before you can become a construction worker in Canada. These requirements depend on the province or territory you want to work in. In general though, you would need to complete an apprenticeship or construction safety training program so you can receive a Red Seal certification. After which, you may be allowed to work in the construction business.

The Red Seal Certification is the equivalent to Australia’s white card. It allows the holder to work as a construction worker in any province in Canada. Also like the white card online courses are offered to those who are looking to acquire a Red Seal. But there are also agencies which employ a mixture of online and face-to-face training.

Red Seal construction safety programs in Canada have taken things to the next level. Gone are the days when face-to-face training consisted mainly on practicing how to wear safety gear and working with limited tools in a controlled setting. Nowadays, they use 3D simulation programs in their training exercises. Of course, these courses are more expensive compared to a couple of years ago. Are they worth it? Yes.

You see, safety practices are best learned in a real life setting. However, it would be impossible (and illegal) for instructors to take you to a real construction site before you are certified. 3D simulators make it possible for instructors to show you the dangers which can be found in the workplace without putting you in harm’s way.

Studies have shown that statistics for injuries and fatalities in construction sites have decreased significantly ever since safety training programs used 3D simulators. This is especially true for foreign workers who understand very little English. This is because 3D visualization has allowed them to understand the training modules much better. As a result, they are now able to react quickly and accurately when accidents happen in their workplace.

3D Simulators for Every Type of Training Program?

Due to the success of 3D simulators in construction safety training, other industries are also looking into the possibility of employing this technology into their safety programs. One of these is the hospitality industry. Particularly, the alcoholic beverage servers sector.

In Australia, a bar owner, bartender, or any other person who serves alcohol is required to have an RSA card. Here in Canada, they call it an SIR certificate. To get an SIR certificate, you would need to complete an online training course where you will learn about the rules and regulations about serving alcohol to customers.

Servers are also required to take a refresher course from time to time to ensure they are updated in the latest requirements for serving alcohol. Unlike in Australia where RSA refresher courses are offered for free by government agencies, an SIR refresher course will cost you some money. The big question here is, will a 3D simulator work for this type of training program? Yes. Of course it will. After all, there are also dangers to serving alcohol in public. It is best to learn how to deal with these potential accidents in a very controlled setting .