5 Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels
Image by Charlie Wilde from Pixabay

5 Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels

In the modern world, energy saving is becoming an international trend. One of the common ways to reduce harmful energy consumption is to use solar panels. Unfortunately, not many people realize that solar panels need special maintenance.

If not cared for properly, the functionality of solar panels starts going down. Experienced solar panel specialists believe that the best output received from the panels is the one you get during their first day of work. However, you can maximize the output by taking proper care of this solar energy provider.

1. Flat Panels Need Special Care

When it rains, the water drops run off the tilted solar panels without interfering with their work. Meanwhile, flat or horizontal panels accumulate little puddles of water, reducing the output. With time, tree leaves may fall into puddles, making the solar panels useless by absorbing the solar energy.

Expert contractors from https://afsgeneralcontracting.com/ recommend installing slanted panels to boost the performance and reduce the maintenance.

2. Hosing The Panels

In the majority of cases, a simple stream of water can do the job of keeping the panels clean. Your garden hose will do the trick. Just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure as a powerful stream of water may damage delicate panels.

3. Taking Care Of The Tough Spots

In case hosing the panels doesn’t get rid of all the dirt, take the next step. Mix liquid soap with water and use a soft-bristled brush to clean the panels. Don’t use harsh detergents to do the job. Simple soapy water is more than sufficient.

After you are done scrubbing, hose the panels off and wipe them dry. Leaving water on the panels may reduce their functionality.

4. Hire A Professional Solar Panel Cleaner

If your solar panels are located on the roof, climbing it may be dangerous. In fact, trying to do roof maintenance often leads to falls and injuries. If you are not sure you can work on the roof safely, hire a specialist.
In the majority of cases, window-washing companies do solar panel cleaning. You can kill two birds with one stone.

5. Consider A Monitoring System

A solar panel monitoring system can tell you when one of the panels needs your attention. Cleaning and repairing solar panels timely can increase their longevity. Make it a habit to check the panels on a regular basis.