How To Choose Between CFL And LED Light Bulbs
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

How To Choose Between CFL And LED Light Bulbs

In the modern ear of an energy crisis, there are essentially two types of bulbs used in the country. The choice is between the CFL, compact fluorescent or LED light emitting diode. Both are energy efficient, but a wider spread of light over a larger area, FCL is more appropriate. Although the physical size of each word almost as often the size of the LED, but it is more convenient in some places.

To select your own applications, we must first see what the lighting and the economy also need to do. In general, compact fluorescent lamps are used for room, dining room, conservatory, bedrooms and even living. For the region, greater coverage of light must be greater than HCL. LEDs are not used at this time of complete enlightenment, and that its technology is not where it could be its greatest period of global illumination will be considered completed. The economy is LED and CFL, but the use is different, as are the fundamental limits of space and financial budget to support change.

At the second light is not a prerequisite to light and durability, solid is required, the reliable long-term partnership is necessary and the limits of the economy of space are LEDs, which are most appropriate.

Physically, the difference between the two is obvious. saving light bulbs are larger compared to the LED lamp.

Compact fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling high, are more appropriate. One reason is the wider viewing angle and secondly, it was a game each, the material and the days of human error saved. CFL may break if subjected to voltage surges or physical pressure. However, LEDs are not only weak but the stress and shock of any kind.

There is no doubt that it generates light, the two sources of energy saving and efficient, but because of the intensity of the light signal and the design limitations of each of them has its own specific needs in a specific area. CFL tubular wire with a small amount of mercury gas and coated inside the glass tube. However, the thickness of the glass is less than the thickness of the lens and the LED glass lid. This makes it very sensitive and can break easily. On the other hand, the LED is very strong and can withstand very rough treatment without damage. But they have a shorter life!