Renewable Wind Energy
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Renewable Wind Energy

Aerogenesis has designed an advanced, low cost small wind turbine suitable for grid-connection as well as for remote power applications. Standing on an 18 metre high tower, it features two blades (five metres in diameter), an integrated controller/inverter for direct grid connection, a disk brake for emergency stopping, as well as improved designs for its gearbox, generator and controller. As a result, it is able to generate 5kW at 10.5m/s. It is expected to significantly outperform current market leaders on price as well as performance.

The turbine is the product of a 15-year research program of the Wind Energy Group at the University of Newcastle, one of the principal research institutions internationally in the field of small wind turbines. Newcastle Innovation have licenced the patented controller technology to Aerogenesis Australia Pty Ltd.

Features and Benefits

– Cheap and reliable
– High-efficiency blades
– Excellent low wind performance
– Low noise
– Easy grid connection
– Patented controller is also an inverter
– Designed to IEC safety standards
– Small footprint

Market Value and Size
The market for small wind turbines is an international one and is growing fast thanks to increasing interest in renewable energy. The USA and UK markets combined represent a market value of A$1 billion over 10 years. There are also large opportunities in China and India.

Potential Application and Market Opportunities

1. Urban application such as:
– Industrial areas
– Road and rail corridors
– Car parks

2. Rural applications such as:
– Homes
– Farm businesses such as dairies and vineyards
– Cropping acreages

3. Remote power uses, such as for telecoms

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