Passive house
Image by Reijo Telaranta from Pixabay

Passive house “Solar farm” will provide energy itself

American company Deltec has developed and starts sales of a new line of fully energy independent houses. The starting price is $62,000.

In our times of ever-increasing rates and changing climate, homes with zero consumption of energy are becoming the gold standard of ecological building. If you produce all the energy you need in your home, you do not depend on the greed of external suppliers. Based in North Carolina, the company has offered a full range of practical and energy efficient buildings. It’s called “Solar farm”. The design of the houses is made in classic American style.

Deltec is known for its innovative solutions for the production of environmentally friendly and resistant to hurricanes homes. The difference of “Solar farm” is only the presence of solar panels, at the same time serving as a roof. All the rest belongs to the classic American house: garage, wood siding and a small front patio. Designers called Interior trim and interior of “Solar farm” as an “American dream”. The two-storey house has a living room combined with kitchen and dining room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Its area is 190 square meters. The layout is designed to be open, which provides air circulation.

Despite the somehow conservative view, everything in the house works due to the latest energy saving ideas. Thanks to the insulation of walls and windows the rooms remain cool in the summer heat and warm in the winter.