How to install a home solar power system in the United States
Image by Maria Godfrida from Pixabay

How to install a home solar power system in the United States?

Now in the US, it is a positive time to install solar panels on the roof, as prices for panels have fallen, and many States offer tax breaks.

Let’s consider how to install a home solar power system in the United States. It requires passing three steps.

Step 1. The survey

The list of benefits is possible (and necessary) to look at the total database, which contains all programs, incentives and initiatives about support of renewable energy sources operating in a particular state. Some States with an ambitious goal to transition to a “green” energy sources, such as California, new York and Massachusetts, have created their own websites where interested residents can learn all the necessary information available to them about the benefits, possible financial solutions and up to where and how one can hire installers of the panels.

Step 2. Installation

Next step is almost the most important one – installation of the panel. Many States have a list of certified contractors that provide services to install roof solar stations with an official license. The best part is that such certified companies, not only install and connect panel and issue permission to connect the solar system to the network, and also apply for tax benefits on behalf of the client who ordered them to install the solar panels.

Step 3. Payment

Of course, there is the option to pay all at once. Since solar installations are about 20 years, this option will ultimately be the cheapest (cheaper than taking loan or lease). But the option, including taking loan is more popular (loan system in the USA is very gentle).

In these two cases, the home-owner will be the owner of the solar system. He gets the right to sell generated electricity to the grid. Often, this bonus is the primary motive for installation of solar panels, the excess electricity can be sold; at least, it will reduce the payback period of the panels.