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Things To Consider When Buying A New Freezer

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Not all families need a standalone freezer. The amount of space they have in the freezer portion of their refrigerator will suffice. For other families who have more members or that like to buy in bulk, having a standalone freezer makes sense. There are many different types of freezers Massachusetts you can purchase. Below are some things to take into consideration before purchasing a new freezer from a reputable company like

Chest vs. Upright

When looking for a new freezer, you will see the option of a chest or upright version. Each has their own benefits to consider. Chest freezers are great for storing a lot of bulk items. The downside is that you may have to dig through items to get something down at the bottom of it. Upright freezers look like refrigerators. They have a door that opens with many shelves lining the interior. With the upright version, you will be able to easily see everything you have inside.


Freezers come in a wide range of sizes to meet every family’s needs. You will find there are ones with just five cubic feet of storage. There are also large ones that offer up to 20 feet of cubic storage. Before you make a choice in size, determine how much space you will actually need on a regular basis. Also, consider the amount of space each freezer will take up in your home.

Energy Efficiency

Like most appliances these days, manufacturers are creating freezers to be more energy efficient. When you are comparing different freezers you like, look at how much energy they use. Energy Star freezers will typically use less energy than other standard freezer models. Generally, chest freezers use less energy to operate than uprights do. This is because they need to be manually defrosted.

These are just a few of the things you should take into consideration before buying a new freezer. There are other features you can take into account such as lighting, color and type of shelving. If you have young children, there are also freezers that come with safety locks.