Who Tree Surgeons are and what they do
Photo by Pixabay.com

Who Tree Surgeons are and what they do

Thus, they are trained professionals whose main job is to take care of trees. Often, people tend to confuse the tree surgeons with gardeners. This is because they are always involved in the growing and tendering of plants until they grow to maturity. However, they are very different from gardeners. The surgeons will grow trees like gardeners, they will maintain them until they grow and ensure they stay in perfect health during their lifetime.

These surgeons go further than just taking care of the plants by watering them and applying manure and fertilisers. The reason why they are referred to as surgeons is that they actually perform a surgery on infected trees. They cut away infected areas of the trees and destroy the diseased fungus that may be growing on the tree. The surgeons are only concerned with destroying the harmful things that may affect the tree.

What do they do?

These surgeons are conservationists. Therefore, not only do they conserve trees, but any living thing that depends on the trees for their survival. If they come across a mould or an insect that resides on the tree, they will ensure they do not disturb it. They will perform their surgery in the safest and easiest way ensuring the do not disturb any other living thing on the tree. They also carry out agricultural practicers such as pruning, and in the case where there is a dispute with tree owners, they use their professional experiences to solve such problems.

Therefore, if the tree has issues with its roots, leaves or any other parts, the tree surgeons will take care of that. If you need some branches of your trees trimmed of to give your compound a certain look, they will offer this service and ensure that the trees looks exactly how you want, without destroying other parts of the tree. Thus, they are very important in the agricultural field.