Winter Energy Saving
Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

Winter Energy Saving

Energy savings in winter is not as difficult as it sounds. E ‘on the rise in most U.S. cold spell this year, and heating costs. You never know what’s cool, you can not predict Mother Nature. Unfortunately, heating costs are expected to increase this year. Do we really need to save energy and budget expenses, think for a holiday? Here are some ideas for energy efficiency in heating costs must be saved.

Do you know that most of the waste heat into the house through the roof? You must have insulated roofs and, if possible, their walls. It is estimated that, in reality, you lose 35% of the heat from the room through the ceiling and walls. In addition, insulation can save up to 20% in summer cooling and winter heating bills in about 25%.

Here are some ideas to save energy at home:

1. If the microwave is actually up to 70% of the electricity and gas and food ready to eat in minutes.

2. When washing, do not overload the washer or dryer, you can take two fifty-eight times more dry and flat overload is not cleaned properly.

3. Use cold water for laundry and hot water only when necessary, to achieve their goals.

4. If possible, pass a clothing line and let you dry your clothes outdoors when possible.

5. the lint filter after each load is dried clean energy is not only efficient but also prevents dryer fires.

6. You should take a shower instead of a bath, a bath uses more water than a 10-minute shower.

7. Turn around and see their cocks when the repair of leaks. A dripping faucet is a waste of money.

8. Replace all light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. This may at first cost, but it will certainly save money in the future. Save up to 75% on energy costs and up to 10 times more than the average of the lamp.

9. Energy-efficient appliances and electronics is also another good idea that could cost at first, but it’s worth it later. Compare prices, no need to buy the luxury or electronics store.

Remember always to exist in the public, is to teach us how to save energy and spend less.