Before You Install Marble Counters
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Before You Install Marble Counters

There’s nothing like a sturdy surface in your kitchen for preparing meals and serving food to your family. Wooden countertops often deteriorate over time and can absorb liquids. If you’re looking for a material that is sturdy and that will last for years while being easy to maintain, then consider marble countertops Portland companies offer. Although white is a common color for marble counters, there are other colors to choose from that include gray and even light shades of blue and green.

Many people choose marble for their kitchen counters because of the beautiful design that it offers and because of its symbol of wealth and elegance. Marble doesn’t chip as easily as other countertops that you could install and is usually resilient to heat if you place a hot pot or pan on the surface.

There are various types of marble that you can get, which will determine the price that you pay for the material itself and the installation. Carrara is an inexpensive type of marble that has a natural appearance and that blends well with other designs that you might have in your kitchen. When you install marble countertops, you need to consider getting the surface sealed because the material is porous. This means that liquids can absorb quickly into the marble and can stain the surface. Common liquids that stain this type of countertop include wine, oils, and juices.

You can finish the countertop in a few different ways. If you want a soft look in the kitchen, then consider a honed finish. A shiny appearance can be achieved with a polished finish. This type of finish also results in a slicker surface than one that is honed. In addition to natural beauty offered by marble, keep in mind that no two slabs of the material look the same, which means that you’ll have a unique design in your kitchen compared to another home that also has marble countertops.